I like to surf, I've been playing guitar for about 6 years, I want to become good at drawing and writing, but honestly never put enough effort into either. I have a longstanding affinity for all things superhero related, which has led to some amazing movies/shows and some that were truly horrible. I have earned two nicknames in my life, Perfect Timing and Cool Hat Guy. Don't ask about the Perfect Timing thing. Trust me.
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i usually go by: valkiro


V: I cried just the other night. I don’t cry much so it was a little weird for me. I have been having a rough semester in college and feel like such a failure and alone, also being sleep deprived I was a little emotionally unstable. Stress got to me.

A: There can’t be an end to my last relationship if I never had a real one to begin with. I was always the friend, never seen as possibly more than that. Though I didn’t mind as much, I avoided most of the high school dating drama and the guys I was friends with were pretty cool.

L: Other than not being pretty, I’m not really good at anything. Art is my only talent but even then I am probably only above average. I can draw many things, but not faces, and it takes forever for me to create anything making it not really worth it in the end.

K: My relationship with my parents is pretty good. We have some ups and downs, but I never had the rebellious phase that most teenagers have. They are nice people, and try really hard to be good parents.

I: The only piercing I have is my ears, nothing else. And no tattoos. It’s possible I could get one in the future, but unlikely. I also have a bad history with needles so now I’m kind of scared of them..

R: I can never decide on a favorite song. I also listen to a lot of symphonic-rock, which most people I know have never heard of anyways.

O: My eyes are green, almost hazel, but the brown is very faint making the color mostly green.

sorry for the long post, I talk a lot

K A T I E (though you can skip A and E since you already answered them of course)

K. I have great relationships with my parents. They separated when I was a kid, but I got to spend plenty of time with both and made sure to stay on good terms.

T.  The age people mistake me for most often is 22. If I don’t shave for a few weeks I get 25 or so.

I. No Tattoos or piercings, I might get one in the future though.

It’s a bit short without the vowels, but thanks for the ask!


First off, that name is amazing. You should thank your parents :)

C. Currently I like one of my classmates, she is pretty and reads a lot of manga, which is a combination I thought was mythical or at least not found in my state.

A. Never really been in a relationship, so nothing there to speak of.

I. No tattoos or piercings. I don’t have the money or image to pull them off, though I respect the people who do.

N. Total Entertainment, it is a music shop. I could spend a fortune there and be a happy man.

A, S, H, L, E, Y

A. I’ve never been in a real relationship, so technically I have never seen the end of one.

S. I tend to make greek mythology/superpower hybrid stories when I am bored. I would read the crap out of any that I could find.

H. I smoke a pipe and an occasional cigar, but I tend to avoid cigarettes and I don’t drink.

L. Probably the speed at which I get things done. I like to be meticulous, but I get criticized for being slow.

E. My best friend is named Jonah. He is lean and has a near-afro of red curls. We’ve been friends for about 7 years, I got him into surfing and he got me into guitar.

Y. Already in college! Though I am hoping to go to something better than state college so I can pursue at least a Masters in BioChem

Thanks Anon!

Flower ask: carnation, allium, primrose and myrtle :)

Carnation: Mumford & Sons, I am on a huge banjo kick right now and I would love to see their stuff live.

Allium: Garlic marinated chicken alfredo with a from-scratch white sauce. (I was trapped in the mountains with spotty internet and lots of time)

Primrose: Chicken Tortilla soup. I would enter the Hunger Games for a bowl of the stuff.

Myrtle: I freaking love airplanes. It’s the ultimate excuse to do nothing for hours at a time. I successfully learned to force myself to go to sleep while flying home from Maryland and it is by far my most useful life  skill.

Thanks for the asks! You’re awesome!


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Jasmine, Amsonia, Myrtle, Violet, Dandelion


Bless you for two asks in one night, darling <3

  • Jasmine: what color looks best on you? Black as the void in my soul, coolhatguy.
  • Amsonia: Would you ever become a vegan? Nope. Also, I don’t know if any of ya’ll know this, but amsonia is a really cute little purple flower that I just googled: image
  • Myrtle: Do you like going on airplanes? I love it and I want to do it a lot more in my life. Air travel just feels like possibility to me.
  • Violet: Do you like where you’re from? I do honestly. I wouldn’t want to live here forever, but it’s pretty and it’s open and there’s no sales tax.
  • Dandelion: Do you think you’re important? I think that’s a nebulous question and “important” is a subjective word. I think everyone is important to someone. And I know that I want to writethings that are important to people.